Rolling dice to fail
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Rolling dice to fail

Master took us from out homes
Into the strangest land of holms
Where the ancient dragon sleeps
Inwith the magic slumber deeps.
Some foolish temple wizard one
Casts a spell of snooze to gone.
Dragon opens frenzy eyes
To internal fear rise.
The temple wizard checks the will
To hold his concentration still,
But Master rolling black-hap dice
And get success, and wizard dies.

He’s acting,
Rolling dice to fail…
He’s losing,
Ending of his tale…

‘Twas about a spring of story,
Dragon’s born at down of valley.
Master will us make a heroes,
Who’s point us like in broken mirrors.
First one’s fighter with great axe,
Beauty elf-girl’s making next,
Third one's trickster rolled on sheet,
Last the grinder runs to meet.
Divinely Master says: “Tis’ good!”
And sets us for the questing mood.
In scrum we clubbed a dark-ale-draper,
Master sums the hits on paper.

He’s slacking,
Bone’s crackling…
Rolling dice to fail…
He’s succumbing,
Now calming…
Ending of his tale…

Not a day but weeks or years later
Each hero grew to level eater
About time the Master led to cave
A dragon-slayer is outing brave.
The brained grinder looks on him
But says the girl with eerie scream:
«I want a slayer’s orb, so get XP!»
Well, he minds another thing to see.
In the skies and through the clouds
The blackish dice are turning out --
Master rolls attack of power slayer,
And we are counting the hit fair…

We’re shocking,
Hits crocking…
Rolling dice to fail…
We’re boiling,
With toiling…
Ending of this tale…

Оценка произведения:
     13:48 22.11.2011 (1)
Make Me dizzy, mr. Denny, golden slumbers in Dragon's eyes!

By the way, sir "one who can read and wright",
неплохо было бы перевести такую классную фантазию остальным
     21:06 22.11.2011 (1)
Осталось только поэтически перевести, согласен, но это будет сложно.
     11:07 23.11.2011
Очень сложный перевод
Только задом наперёд,
Deep Purple or T.Rex?
Проще мыла... бре-ке-кекс!