Don't look in mirrors. The fifth experience
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Don't look in mirrors. The fifth experience

- It is so much recipes?. – I noticed looking at the doctor.
- One half less usual, - she answered setting round stamp on everyone. – You make great success. Good fellow.
- Do you the truth so consider?
- Of course, - she stretched new number recipes. – Look in a window. What do you see?
The barred window of the first floor of a polyclinic office looked at the narrow street filled with from time immemorial hurrying people. Where do all of them hurry?
- I see people, - I answered. – From time immemorial hurrying people, healthy, full of strength.
- Here. Do you want to be as they? Therefore hold, - it put to me in a palm one by one recipes. – It only as a last resort if shadows come again; it in the morning and in the evening; it before going to bed; it on two tablets after a meal.
- They will come again?
I asked about nightmares, actually why I am observed at it, and, naturally, never told about It.
- No, we moved away them, worked. Others will come.
- And it will repeat? – I removed in a pocket recipes.
- Look, - it drew three lines, identical on length, on a leaflet for notes. – Here you, here your reflection, and in the middle as you think that? Darkness! Darkness is very artful, before to be displayed reflection takes place eighteen of its layers. Now you are rather healthy person – you direct the reflection, you talk to him, but it is worth tarrying, distracting slightly and reflection will already direct you, to become your movements, to order that to you and how to do. First you won't notice it.
- And then? – I interrupted with the shivering voice.
- Without medicines darkness will absorb you completely.
- Doctor! – The office was run in by the young girl.
- Aaa, Lenochka. Minute, we already finish.
- Well, everything is clear to me, - rose and I said goodbye.
Warm sunny day didn't let home, there was a wish to walk, listen to music intentionally slowing down on the long street conducting home. Oh, if I know about a surprise – would run home at full speed. A long queue in drugstore, at last washing, then the most tiresome expectation so far they will check recipes for authenticity, will sell the medicine which is stored probably in the safe, differently that there it is possible to check forty minutes. On attached to the back of the handle of an entrance door to an adhesive strip from a pack of cigarettes having convinced that to the apartment nobody came into my absence, I locked a door, switched on light, was undressed, came into the room. On the keyboard the fresh live red rose lay. As it smells. Mm …
Why I didn't notice the wooden swing with the peeled-off paint allocated against the background of the playground at the end of the street earlier? And it is nowhere. Where It?
Oh that it there? - the thought rushed. – Same my notebook, a new notebook for verses.
Precisely remembering as bought it the day before yesterday I opened and didn't believe, literally didn't believe eyes. It all is used up to a cover! My handwriting! The ideas, sketches – all in the form of the finished poems, my style, my experiments, a habit to put date at the end. I precisely remember, September now, and the last poem is dated January of the next year.
- Ku-ku! – He closed my eyes warm, slightly moist fingers. – The good fellow, that I told nothing about me!
- Oleg... Your rose … It is impossible to believe eyes …
- I knew, - he embraced. – You see how it is important – not to watch it in mirrors, - you managed to bring verses.
- And?.
- It is the big sign. Perhaps … I at last … - It embraced more strong, even more strong.
- Will you expect me there, in reality instead of a flower?
- Eh … - he sadly looked down. – Unless you are sure that you sleep now? Unless you are sure that all that is a reality?
- No. If it is a reality that Bol I don't wish to fall asleep; if a dream – I don't wish to wake up, Darling.
- A dimeter, nevertheless it is necessary, otherwise for whom I sea salt in the bathroom wrote the most important word?
It thawed! It thawed, these walls, silent walls again …
In all bottom of a bathtub sea salt, green from essential oil of an eucalyptus, exactly removed the letters T R A N C E.

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