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еще немного английского

these rainy days are passing by again
just flying one by one away
will someone come and stop this awful pain?
they wouldn't stay, no, wouldn't stay
and once they're off i'm shaking all along
i'm hurt once more by it i say
i know there's something ultimately wrong
with me - because they wouldn't stay
you tell me that the dawn will come and shine
i tell you that i know it may
but there's a thing that doesn't make it fine
they wouldn't stay, they never stay.

If I was a wizard
I'd give it a try,
I'd settle the blizzard,
I'd clear the sky.
I'd wipe off the anger
From everyone's minds,
I'd make souls younger,
I'd help those who tries.
It would be a perfect
And wonderful world -
It still would be worth it
With me being hurt.
I'd leave it at midnight
And rest in nowhere.
I'm blind
I am so blind
Tell me you are there..

can anyone feel it too, anyone?
can anyone see what's in, anyone?
if anyone cared to look!
if people brought back what they took
then heart wouldn't hurt so much anymore.
do you, stranger, know how it's burning me?
do you want to be somehow warning me?
there's not even start of the end!
there's no need to lie and pretend
the greatest of monsters been born in me.
it's growing
it's gathering might
it's going to kill me one night.
you all know what's this monster's name -
sometime you've been growing the same.

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