Some English poems
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Some English poems

Немного стихов на английском, моего же сочинения. Пыталась.

There is a Star
Which is shining in the night sky.
Oh, it's so far,
And I can't touch it, but I will try!
And every day
Star gives me a wonderful light..
Hey, Star, hey!
Why are you so high?
I feel, Star,
How you are warming me now,
Although you're so far,
For touching you I'm sure I will grow.
I see you, my Star
I know you always keep me safer.
I love you, you are
My one, my best, my heart waver.

He's amazing, yeah, he's amazing,
And I can be crazy
Only with him.
Oh I know that he's too lazy, yeah
But it's also amazing -
He is like a dream,
He's like an adorable story
Oh, it's so easy to say 'Please don't worry'
Oh, it's so easy to love!
Yes, I know he will never be rough,
I just trust him.
Paper ships from my hand swim in stream
And my thoughts are spinning
With this pieces of paper, oh my notes are cleaning..
Ink of pen isn't better than kisses,
So please give me the way, I'm missing!
World can wait if I ask..
I will take off my favourite mask,
He will see how my arms will be shaking.
Oh.. the distance between us is so freaking!
Oh haha.. He's my Sky,
He's my faith. I don't lie.
I whisper 'I love you' in the opened window
And he hear it. Oh, I need not any freedom,
I'm just YOURS.
Please, somebody, close all the doors!
I will kiss him.

I will be here waiting so long as you want,
I will be wrong if I'll leave,
But I know I won't.
So I'm a bird, I can fly,
I can touch my Sky
And fall down,
I hear the sound
Like people's around..
Someone said I'm wrong
When I'm falling in love so strong,
Someone said..
Damn this mind,
I know I love you without my head,
So you are my Sky,
I know I want you to be mine,
I know I needn't any liberty,
I'm a bird
Flying in my Sky!
Oh, my wings,
You're my wind,
I'm just wild
But only with you I'm alive,
But only with you I'm just a tame nightingale,
Your nightingale.
..I will fly across my Sky,
I will live here -
I don't want to fall,
I just want to show
How much I love you,
My Dear Sky.

Your eyes told me about you,
You told me about your
feeling of love,
I don't know why all's so new,
I don't know why I'm yours..
Maybe because you're just perfect
Cause noone else can't make me feel good,
Make me feel so warm and so calm..
But I feel it when I just touch your arm..
Please, don't tell me anything,
You just can look at me..
I'm so missing.
I will sing if you want me to sing,
Oh, my heart needs freezing..
It's so hot because you're just perfect,
Cause noone else can't make it to beat
Inside of me, inside of me..
Please say me what you will be
Always with me.

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