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Tell me the reason to live,
Explain - why, you see, I don't know...
Sometimes it's too hard to believe -
It's seems to me world is a show.

Tell me - who's wrong and who's right
All humans’ wars seem so worthless
You know - I'm afraid of the night
The moon looks so lonely and hopeless

I'd like to change at least something
To enter, to open the cover
I feel that I'm useless, I'm nothing!
Please, give me strength, give me power!

I'm looking for hope and true feeling,
New sense of the life, new approach,
I know that it's hard, but I 'm willing
I just don't know which way to search...

The flame of the sun doesn't warm me,
Though it burns my skin, lips and eyes
Teach me to love, please, show me!
Everybody here just lies...

I'm so confuse and I'm tired
Feel like I'm lost, I'm alone
Give me a sigh, calm my mind
Tell me where I belong?

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