Don’t be cry (The wall)
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Don’t be cry (The wall)

This is lives
Are already gone
On your tiers
The sun is shine
Will be missing you
Every time
Voice of heart
Slowly whisper me…

All the best
What you ever see,
Subtle worlds are behind
The wall  

Our lives
Like million bricks
Isolate missing wander land…

Road back
Seems to me
Will be very long

Dancing Life,
Please don’t stop
Please, one more…

One more bricks
To the heavy wall…

Dear sister You sought be strong
Phantoms dancing with you
And me

Only sky
Can be cower me
From my Wall
From my fear

15:11 may 2011

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     19:53 29.05.2011
Это русскоязычный сайт...не могли бы Вы сделать перевод?
     16:37 29.05.2011
что с грамматикой???